Manager Bios

 Jeff Jacoby- Faculty Advisor
Donté Buchanan - General Manager

Hey Everyone,
My name is Donté Buchanan, and I’m serving as the General Manager at KSFS in my last year at SFSU. A little bit about me well, I have previously worked as the PD for KSFS, my music taste is expansive from YBN Nahmir to Luke Bryan, and I was actually born in Wakanda.
Lastly, I simply do not tolerate any Drake or Future slander, and I also believe that Black History Month should be moved to June, for multindinous reasons. You can follow me on any social media @wavydonte #shamelessplug
CJ Adkins-Program Director
I’m most in my bag when I’m alone with music or listening to music with people on the same frequency. That’s what I enjoy most about radio, its just me and the music broadcasting our frequency.

Operation Manager
Eric Estrada-Production Manager
I was born and raised in San Francisco. I started as a live sound engineer at a local church. After listening to radio for years, I thought to combine my engineering background with my hobby, music. When I realized, I liked the idea of being on a radio show and entertaining people, I began pursuing a radio career. My passion for radio grew over time, and my first project was helping a blind friend produce and engineer a sports talk show and an afternoon drive time talk show. Most recently, I am the production manager of San Francisco State University's radio station, KSFS Radio. I also co-created and currently produce an independent hip-hop music show, known as Da MaddHouze on KPOO 89.5 FM San Francisco.
Alejandro Fuentes, Jacob Day-Music Managers
Howdy internet peeps, my name is Alejandro or Al and I am the proud host of that Monday afternoon block of vinyl hits that you know and love. I also dabble in rewatching Nacho Libre at least once a week, I eat pizza everyday and my hero is The Incredible Hulk. Feel free to come and be a guest on my show anytime! Monday 11-1!

Jacob Day (Aka DJ Clyde)

Blend DJ, occasional producer, co-host of Heat Check Radio, creator of Chance The Dropout, avid foodie, future lottery winner, Yeezy (not the shoes) enthusiast and was blessed by Lil B once at target.
Ryne Williams-Sports Manager
What’s up everybody, my name is Ryne Williams, and I’m an avid sports fan, and current SF State basketball player. I’m 7 foot tall, and yes, I do mind if you ask me how tall I am. Currently I am a 4th year BECA student, and I’m originally from the Los Angeles area. I am a die hard Lakers and Dodger fan, but please don’t hold it against me. In my free time, I love to adventure, go on road trips, watch sports, and find new music to listen to. Tune in to my sports talk show, LA to the Bay, every Wednesday from 5-6pm for the latest happenings from around the sports world.

Balbina Espino-Promotions Manager

I really do have some attitude. I would slap me I were not myself. But I am also a sensitive mushroom lover. I am no hippie, I am a budding mycologist in the works. Being on the council for the Mycological Society of San Francisco has made me realize just how serious the study of Fungi is. The Kingdom Fungi fascinates me! As my mushroom knowledge grows so does my passion to share it. This is why I think radio is important, it is currently the medium I choose to express all my fungi love to others. My mycelial network has spread so far as to begin touching the roots of the Kingdom Plantae. Nature is cool! Science is cool. And I strive to communicate as much information about it as possible through the airwaves. I have been growing evermore involved in the San Francisco Botanical Garden. As I explore my passion for Plants and Fungi, I will use radio to accompany my journey. If there is one important thing to know about me it is that I myself am a mushroom. In fact, the nicest people I have ever met have all been mushrooms.
Madeline Hooten-Social Media Manager
My name is Madeline Hooten and I am currently the social media manager for KSFS. I'm on my fourth year at SF State and plan on working in the music industry after graduation. I am currently working as a college marketing representative for The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music, and I also have an internship with Fantasy Studios. In my free time I like practicing the piano and drinking beer.