BECA Testimonials


“What’s drawn me to the BECA department is how interactive it is as a major and every class is uh very hands on and how well known the professors are and how well the students know the professors.”


“My fondest memory is getting to direct a production in my BECA lab class. That was really cool and um I hadn’t experienced that before. So it was interesting.”


“Everyone in this major is incredibly hard-working. Their ideas are all so different and we collaborate together you meet some incredible people and get some great inspiration from that.”


“BECA is…me.”


“In Northern California, BECA is one of the only programs that offer broadcasting and has its own studio. And a lot of the teachers here have worked in the field and have had professional experience.”


“BECA gave me the opportunities to be in work in television…operating the cameras, working on actual sets, learning about the industry itself.”