What’s Your Emphasis?

What’s Your Emphasis?
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By Amanda Thurman

You have decided to be a part of the Broadcast & Electronic Communication department. Now what? What will your emphasis be?

You may have dreamt about this your entire life and know exactly what you want to get out of this program. There are however, plenty of BECA majors that have a hard time choosing a concentration. Some even go as far as completing their undergrad courses, waiting to choose an emphasis when applying for graduation.

Why even¬†choose a concentration if there are plenty of people that wait to make their choice when applying to graduate? Well, have you ever thoroughly enjoyed a course so much that it didn’t even feel like school? If so, you know how great getting an education can be. If not, enjoying the classes you take should be something you have to look forward to. Deciding upon an emphasis can expedite that experience.

Do your best to make a choice early in your upper division studies. Choosing an emphasis early on means less dabbling into unexciting areas, and more time broadening your knowledge in your chosen concentration.

Upon arrival to San Francisco State University, I was one of those people who had no idea I would be able to choose an emphasis. It wasn’t until I had completed my core requirement classes (GWAR, Introduction to Electronic Communication, and Media Aesthetics) that I started to think about which emphasis I would choose. Instead of being efficient online or talking to someone in the BECA office to find out how many concentrations there were to pick from, I assumed that there were only the three I had heard people talk about; audio production, video production, and theory. Being that I came into the program with zero audio or video production experience, I figured my emphasis would be theory.

It was not until my second semester at SF State that I realized how easy it was to access BECA materials and information online. There I found the “Orange Sheet”¬†and a complete list of BECA concentrations. A light bulb turned on.

There are nine different emphases to choose from. Some are similar, however discovering there were 3x more options than I had originally anticipated was a huge relief for me.

Learning about all of your options will definitely help you make a decision that you will feel good about. After all, choosing a concentration that best fits your interests makes getting an education here at SF State so much more enjoyable.

Below is a list of concentrations and a link to a SFSU information page that gives guidance on which classes fall under each of the emphasis categories.

  • Audio Production and Music Recording
  • Electronic Media Journalism
  • Business Aspects of Electronic Media
  • Educational and Instructional Media
  • Electronic Media Theory and Criticism
  • Interactive Media
  • Radio Production and Programming
  • Television/Video Production
  • Writing for Electronic Media

BECA Prerequisites, Core Foundation, & Emphasis Electives

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