About This Whole “Finding A Job” Thing…

About This Whole “Finding A Job” Thing…
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By: Kiera Kenney

There is no struggle greater than the post-grad job hunt struggle.

At your next family gathering when your twice-removed cousin’s aunt asks you what you’re doing now that you’ve graduated, internally scream no more. Instead, be on top of the game —  that is, with a job.

But first, to get the job, you have to know how to navigate the seemingly never ending World Wide Web. With what feels like a million sites out there all claiming to be the “#1 job search tool,” it’s overwhelming to know where to start. As a self-proclaimed, online job seeking pro… here are my go-to’s:

1. LinkedIn

Your professors, ambitious peers, and family members may have ragged on you for not having a LinkedIn in the past, and you may have responded with a “yeah, yeah, yeah.” But, listen up this time around! LinkedIn is one of the most important tools that we as young people seeking to be professionals have at our disposal. It is an acting virtual resume that can be seen by almost any professional, including your potential future employer.

As far as it’s usefulness for your job search… well, let’s just say I personally have found two prior internships, as well as three past and current jobs using its interface. Most of the top companies worldwide are using LinkedIn as their primary (if not only) hub for available positions. Not to mention recruiters often directly contact potential candidates (based off of your skills and experience expressed on your profile) through the site.

The site offers you quite a few ways to narrow down your search as well so that you can find your perfect match; location, company size, salary, industry, and experience level are just a few.

Once you’ve saved your preferences/job search criteria, you’ll receive a weekly(ish) email with jobs you may be interested in, or for which you are qualified.

Here is an example of what the interface looks like:

LinkedIn Job Hunt



2. The Muse

If you dream of working in the SF/ Bay Area tech ruled world (or other tech bubbles around the nation), The Muse is the site for you.

It has similar search functions to LinkedIn, but where it beats its competitor is in visuals. For each job posted, there are stunning accompanying images of the office space of a given job. This gives you a bit of insight into the company culture before you even step into the office for an interview. Additionally, The Muse offers in depth portfolios on each company whose jobs are listed. You can read about current employees/ put a face to them, take a virtual office tour, and much more!

Even better, The Muse is, in my opinion, one of the best resources for anything career related, including: interview tips, resume tweaks, tools for setting goals, and advice for common workplace struggles.

A peak into its interface:

The Muse


3. Indeed

While not as aesthetically pleasing as its company above, Indeed gets the job (hunt) done.

Very simple to use, and you can sign up to receive emails tailored to your search results, which means less scrolling for you!



Kiera Kenney is a BECA major currently in her last class at SFSU. She has her post-grad job lined up… and it was a long journey getting there. She hopes after this guide yours is much easier. 

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