Why You Should Go See an Academic Advisor Right Now

Why You Should Go See an Academic Advisor Right Now
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By Jason Orgilsaikhan Chimeddorj

I am finally graduating from college this semester. After attending college on-and-off for eight years, aimlessly for the most part, it is finally happening. Aside from the excitement that comes with graduating, I can’t help feeling a bit of guilt for wasting so much time in the process of getting here. Reflecting back at my college journey, I realize I could have done it much sooner and I here is what I suggest you do to, if you want to avoid making my mistake – go see an advisor right now.

When I first became a freshman at CCSF, it felt as if I had endless years of school ahead of me. In some sense, I was right. Four years isn’t a short time. But now I realize that I was way too pessimistic about how much time one actually needs to finish college. So I did not rush to see advisors, thinking it was too early and I was effectively planning my own classes for the time being. To my disappointment, when I saw an advisor three years later, I learned that I had taken many classes that I did not need or that did not transfer to four-year colleges.

So the lesson here is, it’s never too early to see an academic advisor. A well-planned academic map can significantly shorten your time spent in college. At this point, you might be thinking that I learned from my mistake right after a saw that first advisor. Not so much. I again did not see a counselor for a while and then the same happened. So, from someone who has spent eight years in college, on-and-off, go see an advisor right now. They are there, being paid to help us. Go see them every semester. Ask them what classes double-count towards different requirements the university might have. Or even better, academic requirements sometimes change and there may be a chance for you to double-count a class you have previously taken.

This is just one small example of the benefit of seeing an advisor. There are many more. From my experience, advisors at the SFSU student advising center are extremely nice and helpful. This time of the semester is a perfect time to go, unlike the beginning or the end of the semester with many people crowding the office. So, why not go right now?

Jason Orgilsaikhan Chimeddorj is a senior BECA student at San Francisco State University.

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