Helpful Tips to Prepare You for an Interview!

Helpful Tips to Prepare You for an Interview!
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By Chelsea Chalhoub

Last Thursday, I was fortunate enough to have an interview for my first internship. I was excited, frazzled, and nervous, to say the least. The company is called Storefront Political Media, and I applied for the position of “Media/Digital Intern.”

The only types of interviews I have been on were in the restaurant business for the position of a server. While these are still interviews, nonetheless, I have never experienced one for an office position. Along with researching example resumes and cover letters, I turned to my friends and family to help better prepare me.

My roommate came up with several different tactics to help prepare her for interviews, and was kind enough to share them all with me. She gave me tips anywhere from what to look for when researching the company, down to the outfit I would wear on the interview.

She helped me realize that it is crucial to know as much as possible about the company you are interviewing for before the interview, so that you can show you have some knowledge and interest in their business. She also came to the mall with me to help me pick out some cute (but appropriate) business clothes, because I have not previously owned any. In addition to helping me fine-tune my resume, my roommate sent me an entire document she created with common questions and topics that are frequently brought up during an interview.

While all of her tips were extremely helpful, I would have to say the one I found to be most useful in applying for and obtaining an interview would be the preparation document created to know what to expect during the interview.

  • Know why you’re interested
  • Know your best strengths
  • Be prepared to share some challenges you have
  • Potential questions they may ask:
  • How would your friends/coworkers describe you?
  • What do you consider your greatest achievements?
  • And potential questions you may have for the company or position

Studying over these particular topics before the meeting helped my interview and the conversation flow very smoothly. I was hired at the company and am starting this week!

These tips are extremely helpful to young students in any field just getting started in the business world. Just because you may not have much or any experience, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Everyone has to start somewhere, so get out there and apply!

Chelsea Chalhoub is a BECA student at San Francisco State University emphasizing in Business Aspects

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