How To Own Your Next Job Interview

How To Own Your Next Job Interview
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By Jeremy Chamo

College students may be knowledgable about the content they studied in school, but many of us don’t know a thing about professionalism. Knowing how to make a great impression will make all the difference in the world. Here are a few tips to not drop the ball and instead make an instant splash.


Becoming aware of the company you’re interviewing for will benefit you more than you think. Take the time to do some basic research about the company. Know who the CEO is, learn when the company was founded, and so on.

The interviewer might do some research on you as well, so clean up your social media. They might ask you “so what do you know about us?” so make sure you stay on your toes when that happens and if that question doesn’t pop up, at least you know. That being said, review all possible questions including ones about you. FullSizeRender

Check yourself 

Dressing for success is important, but over dressing can also backfire. Remember, however you choose your attire, stay on the conservative side (never wear jeans under any circumstance). Dark colors are preferable like blue. Red will come off as over confident and your interviewer will probably think your egotistic. Check your hygiene, make a sleek and clean shave the night before along with a fresh haircut.

Mirror successful people

One of the most important things you take from your interview is observing the way your interviewer or employer behaves. Mimic the way they work and some of the things they do. Observe the way they communicate (the speed of their verbal communication) and take note of their body language. Most importantly, you should have a good idea of what their vision is. A quick learner can always hit the ground running and bosses love that!

Play your strengths, that is the best thing you can do. Remain confident at all times, even when you don’t know the answer to everything. If you need additional help, visit here. Good Luck!

Jeremy Chamo is a BECA major emphasizing in business

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