Top Sites To Get Work As a Freelance Video Editor

Top Sites To Get Work As a Freelance Video Editor
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By Wayne Bonilla

Working as a freelance video editor in the Bay Area is highly competitive. The good news is video has now become a very popular choice to share information. Many companies, small businesses, and even individuals are now utilizing video to promote, educate, or share new ideas. As a result, opportunities to find freelance work as a video editor has also risen. Nonetheless, it does take patience and knowing where to look, to get some good paying clients.


Bay Area Video Coalition is a nonprofit based in San Francisco. It teaches courses related to video production, renting gear, and also helping members find jobs. Many individuals and small businesses post jobs on the BAVC site because of its large network. I noticed that clients here value past work and recommendations more over a resume, so make sure to have your reel ready or quality videos from past clients. This will definitely set you apart.

Craigslist (

What is great about Craigslist is the diversity of projects listed. The website is so popular that you can get a job from editing birthday parties, weddings, or documentaries. Craigslist also allows you to set up an email alerts for new job postings. This is great for freelancers, because a quick response time to a post is crucial for getting that contract.

LinkedIn (

If you have a great profile and network, members from this site will actually reach out to you. I’ve been approached several times here because of my recommendations. LinkedIn also allows you to list your education, past work, and other specialties. In short, your profile can act as an interactive resume. A great tip here is to upload edits you have done before, so clients can view your work more easily.

Indeed (

Indeed has a wider reach. It also has a lot of bigger companies and agencies looking for freelancers on the site. A tip here is to have a polished cover letter and resume ready because the demographic of people looking to hire here usually require one.

There are many more sites out there to look for freelance video editor jobs. These are the ones that worked for me. My final advice is to have one bookmark folder containing all of these websites in your browser. Then check them every day or every other day regardless of whether you are working on a project or not. As a freelance editor, it is important to plan ahead. Do not overbook yourself , or the quality of your work can suffer. But, always keep an eye out for your next project.

Wayne Bonilla is a Senior Broadcasting Electronic Media Arts student at San Francisco State University and a Freelance Videographer and Editor.

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