BECA Internships: A Senior Reflection

BECA Internships: A Senior Reflection
11/01/2015 No Comments » BECA Blog KSFS Media

by Anjelica Dumanovsky

Internship. It’s the most exciting yet terrifying word you hear in college. Exciting because maybe you just landed the world’s coolest internship with an amazing tech or production company. Scary because maybe you’re in the final semester of your junior year with not one internship in your arsenal and none on the horizon.

As a senior BECA student, I’m here to tell you that the excitement of internships beats the scariness. First things first, don’t worry. If there’s one thing you should know it’s that there is always time and there are always options. I am proud to say I have completed three internships and am currently completing my fourth one, all of which were and are BECA related.

My first was working for a YouTuber down in Los Angeles for a summer. I would edit daily video blogsĀ and shadow her work life. My second internship was with KFOG radio. Considering I’m a video based student this one was a little outside of my comfort zone but I accepted it and took the challenge. I learned a lot about the functions of a commercial radio station and dabbled with basic audio edits as well promotional work. My third internship was with an SF based start up that sold designer women’s clothing completely through the internet. I was on the production team and produced videos and promos for all the items sold. Lastly and currently I am interning for the San Francisco Giants video board productions team. I just started but I’m excited to learn all there is and cultivate new connections.

I want to tell you, yes, all you BECA Freshman, Sophomores, or Juniors, and heck, maybe even some Seniors, don’t ever give up hope. Internships work in a funny way. They tend to have this unapproachable facade that makes everything seem intangible, but once you actually make it in you realize that if you spent less time being intimidated by the looks of things you might have been able to spend more time going for those interviews or meeting with companies.

Here’s a secret, most companies are seeking interns. Some might not market the positions as much and some may even seem disinterested at first but that’s usually just because companies have a lot going on. They don’t always have the time to keep interns at the top of their priority lists. I’m telling you, send emails, make phone calls, deliver your resumes, don’t stop until you receive an offer from somewhere.

It is hard to put yourself out there, but from my personal experience and hearing stories from friends, internships are never really that difficult to obtain if you’re persistent. It may not be the dream internship right off the bat but I guarantee you that going for one outside your comfort zone or outside your realm of knowledge can actually be a really good thing. Once again, don’t let the thought of an internship intimidate you. You’ll find that theĀ BECA department does a fantastic job of preparing you to set foot inside real media companies. Trust your knowledge and have confidence. You got this.

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Anjelica Dumanovsky is a senior in the BECA Department focusing on video production both as a career and hobby.

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