Site Credits

This site is produced by a class that’s split into three different teams to oversee the various tasks of running an online multimedia distribution platform. These teams work together under the guidance of our fantastic professor, Gina Baleria.

KSFS Media is a team effort and this page is to acknowledge the individual efforts that go into our site.


Website Management

Nicholas Flores

Andrade Marisa

Casey Kina

Cox Marquis

Cruz Viviana

Dragt Jackie

Fox Thomas

Gomez Andres

Horton Ramsey

Leung Kristine

Martinez Chuck

Ramirez Gloria

Ramzell Jordan

Singer Teagan

Stephens Ronnica

Yuen Tim



Cerdena Janine

Echevarria Fern

Flores Ashley

Hsu Chin Yu

Hufana Ellie

Kenney Kiera

Loera Saldana Justine

Mennuti Alyssa

Content Creation & Acquisition

Baba Sam

Nicholas Flores (NicoFlowProductions)

Buford Shantel

Curley Megan

Dumanovsky Anjelica

Garaventa Michael

McDonald Cecilia

Perlman Josh

Reichl Colt

Reno Kristy

Valencia Jeremy

Wilson Jonathan

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