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How To Own Your Next Job Interview
10/01/2015 BECA Blog,Opinion & Politics,Technology KSFS Media

By Jeremy Chamo College students may be knowledgable about the content they studied in school, but many of us don’t know a thing about professionalism. Knowing how to make a great impression will make all the difference in the world. Here are a few tips to not drop the ball and instead make an instant

How to build a home DJ desk from IKEA parts for $175
Image 04/08/2014 Music & Entertainment KSFS Media

Are you a #DJ? Is your home DJ desk not working out? Check out this amazing solution!

Getting Permits 101 for aspiring filmmakers
Image 04/05/2014 BECA Blog,Music & Entertainment KSFS Media

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Think ahead for your next project. Here’s some resources that will help move it along.

How to Ace Your Next Job Interview
Image 03/06/2014 BECA Blog KSFS Media

Chris Lucio shares strategies on how to have a successful interview.

Your dream job awaits: five tips to get the perfect internship
Image 03/03/2014 BECA Blog,Food & Lifestyle KSFS Media

Having a hard time landing an internship? Here are helpful tips to find the perfect internship, and nail the interview to be on your way to that dream job!

Industry Talk: 99.7 NOW’s Strawberry
Image 06/04/2012 Music & Entertainment KSFS Media

Now 99.7 has the Bay Area’s best radio personalities and we got to interview one of them. Check out this interview and you won’t be disappointed. You might just learn a few tips and tricks to make it in this industry.

Alumni Alley: Jackie Hollywood: A BECA Success Story
Image 05/11/2012 BECA Blog KSFS Media

Ryan and Holly had the opportunity to talk to Jackie Hollywood and found out what she believes has led to her success both as a BECA student and as an employee for multiple media outlets. Her advice is valuable and her goals are inspirational. We know this isn’t the last time people will be talking about Ms. Hollywood.

How to lead a creative life
03/06/2012 BECA Blog KSFS Media

BECA Senior Tony Michaiel sheds light on how to maintain a creative lifestyle. After all, creativity doesn’t only exist on the job, but throughout ones life according to Tony.

How to capture a live performance using a simple stereo recording technique
02/26/2012 BECA Blog,Music & Entertainment KSFS Media

Stereo recording is a creative and technical process that is often unrecognized and misunderstood. This article breaks down a technical recording technique into simple terms for beginner recording artists. The method described can be used anywhere at any time. Check it out!

The art of writing: A guide for the modern day college student
02/24/2012 BECA Blog KSFS Media

Writing at the college level has changed a lot over the years. Today, students are constantly being distracted by the constant beeping and buzzing of their phones, laptops, and other devices. The need to be constantly stimulated and always communicating are tough impulses to overcome. This blog will guide you through some simple procedures to get your paper written by defeating your contracted college “A.D.D.”