BECAfest Submissions




Step One

Choose a category and then name your file as seen in this example:


*Files cannot be longer than 5 minutes or larger than 1GB.

BECAfest 2017 Award Categories:

TV/Video (MP4)

[01] Fiction: Narrative or Non-Narrative, Experimental, etc.

[02] Non- Fiction: Magazine Show, Documentary, Long-Form Report, etc.

[03] Commercial/PSA: Usually 30 or 60 seconds.

[04] News or Sports Package: Short-Form & usually part of a longer show.

[05] Talent: Featuring one or more performers. Please specify the performer(s)

Audio (MP3)

[06] Sound for Picture: Sound Design for video, film, or TV.

[07] Music Production: Recording/Mixing of a musical composition.

[08] Experimental: such as Sound Art or a non-musical piece.

Radio (MP3)

[09] Radio Show: Feature, Documentary, etc.

[10] News or Sports Program: A radio program that features news or sports.

[11] Commercial/PSA: Spot, PSA, etc. Usually 30 or 60 seconds.

Scriptwriting (PDF)

[12] Fiction: Original script written for TV, Radio, or Web.

[13] Non-Fiction: Original non-fiction script written for TV, Radio, or Web.

Faculty Choice

No submissions. A select faculty team will choose an overlooked nominee for the award.


  • – Submissions must be created within the context of a class.
  • – Submissions may be from up to one year ago (Spring 2016).
  • – You may submit as many projects as you wish.
  • – Projects may be submitted in more than one category, but for each category it must be submitted by a different person.
  • – Projects may be disqualified if they are submitted in the wrong category, wrong file format, length, or file size.
  • – Late submission will not be accepted.


Step Two

If you don’t see the form immediately, please refresh the page.

It might take awhile for your submission to upload.

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