Production Work

This page is a collection of audio and video recordings from BECA students. These are class and personal projects.

BECA 301 Guerilla Media Projects

BECA 301: Media Literacy

These are semester-long projects of the BECA 301 media literacy class. These are grassroots approaches to persuasion that use low budgets and accessible media.




BECA 340: Media Aesthetics 1

Aesthetic analysis of video, film, and related electronic media based on an examination of fundamental image and sound elements.





BECA 510: Music Performance Recordings

BECA 510 is a live performance recording class. Archived here are the audio recordings of both students and non-students.





BECA 550: Interview Productions

Here is where BECA students bring people on the BECA television and radio programs to interview them.




BECA 559: Sports Reporting for TV

BECA students’ recordings of sports games, coverage and interviews.



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BECA 561: News Reporting for TV

Collected here are students’ reports of local news from all around San Francisco.




Other Student Work

A feed of all the student work submitted.